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The fact that the decontamination and decommissioning of damaged Fukushima Daiich nuclear power plant will take decades for a completion and it will cost billions of dollars, highlights that development of technologies for the mitigation of severe accident is very important for a continued employment of nuclear power plant as a reliable energy source, which is challenged recently especially in Korea.


I would like to invite you to the 2019 International Workshop on “Post-Fukushima Challenges on Severe Accident Mitigation and Research Collaboration.” It is a continuation of the effort started in year 2015, when we firstly initiated this effort because we believed that a timely and effective development of technologies for the mitigation of severe accident (SA) is possible only by international collaboration efforts.


The objectives of this workshop are to strengthen regional collaborative research network in the area of severe accident mitigation, such as exchange of information and expertise for the experimental and analytical investigations on the SA phenomena, development of SA mitigation features, common use of large scale experimental facilities, like corium research platform, hydrogen and aerosol test facility, to enhance the regional nuclear reactor safety by developing creative severe accident mitigation technologies and balanced regulatory framework, to cultivate human resources and expertise in the area of nuclear safety, and to develop collaborative research network among China-EU-Japan-Korea-USA.


We would like to emphasize that regional collaboration among Kore-China-Japan is very important in addition to the formation of international collaboration, as this region is very active in using and deploying of nuclear reactors. With that cause, Asian MELCOR User Group meeting is embedded in this workshop.


I would like to encourage your active participation and support which will make this workshop fruitful and successful. I wish to convey my sincere greetings to all contributors for SAMRC.​



JinHo Song

Technical Committee Chair, SAMRC