> Background

(1) Strengthen regional collaborative research network in the area of severe accident mitigation, such as exchange of information and expertise for the experimental and analytical investigations on the SA phenomena, development of SA mitigation features, common use of large scale experimental facilities, like corium research platform, hydrogen and aerosol test facility 


(2) Enhance the regional nuclear reactor safety by developing creative severe accident mitigation technologies and balanced regulatory framework 


(3) Cultivate human resources and expertise in the area of nuclear safety 


(4) Develop collaborative research network among China-EU-Japan-Korea-USA   

      The history of the SAMRC International workshop is as follows; 

      SAMRC-2015, 2015. 11. 9-11, Daejeon, Korea, hosted by Korea (KAERI, KINS, KNS)



Experimental and analytical investigations on severe accident progression, severe accident mitigation, prediction and prevention of environmental contamination, SAMG, regulatory efforts for the resolution of SA issues